Friday, July 24, 2015

An Outside Wedding...

On July 4th, we went to the wedding of a dear friend Amber Thompson, to Patrick Smith!

They had the wedding in the Thompson's back yard!

"I'm so sad Amber's moving" :(


Final adjustments...

Collin and Emily

The cute flower girls and ring bearer :)

Getting the rings off the pillow

Waiting for his bride to come down the aisle :)

The 4 lovely bridesmaids

Giving a charge to the bride and groom

Some sunny spectators...

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Smith II!

Andrew did a wonderful job doing most of the music.

Grace and Mark :)

Don't know who those people are...

Greeting all of the guests...



Feeding each other cake :)

We get crazy at the Thompsons' house :)

"Don't take pictures of me!"

A pair of lovebirds :)

The cool bro...

Carrie gave a wonderful speech about Amber's
 life and how Amber and Patrick met.

This was neat - they had the getaway in a hot air balloon!

Getting everything prepared...

Amelia with one of her many aunts :)
Waiting for liftoff...

Saying their goodbyes

"Don't leave us!"

The happy couple

Amber threw the bouquet down from the basket :)

We are very excited for God bringing Amber and Patrick 
together and look forward to what He has for them in the future!


  1. What a unique way to leave a wedding:) how far away did they land?

  2. @Elanee - Their flight was around 20 minutes long and they went about 5 miles.