Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SSI 2015 - week 2 continued

Go here to check out SSI's week 2 newspapers!

On Thursday and Friday, Mock Trial students argued their cases.

Elise, Scott and Adam won their case!

Anna soaking in the baby time with Meredith

On Thursday evening, Anna and her team presented their case.
They did a fantastic job!

Jennifer! :)

Zeke did a great job being a witness

Professor Wagner as the judge...

Evan as "Charlie" :)

Jonathan was Dr. Chen

Very attentive listeners :)

Anna did an awesome job on her closing arguments

At the talent show, Evan gave a very encouraging speech to all of the students
about how well they were going to do on Friday :)

Whitney V. role playing the sweet girl that was suing the school

"She had 2 weeks!"


Another gorgeous sunset!

The Media team taking a break....

On Friday morning, the Senators gave their speeches on the House floor

All 18 Senators!

Mark and Caleb = best friends :)

Caleb and Jonathan - a few people thought that they were twins :)
Great job on the Media broadcasts guys!


And more sisters!

The 3 cool guys :)

Working on speeches before the Reps. go on the House floor...

Great work on the speech, Emily!

Sophie giving her speech...

This was Emily and Jennifer's first year! They did a great job on their speeches :)

The Michigan Supreme Court

The Moot Court students actually got to go to the real Supreme Court
room to argue their cases. That was the same day that the US Supreme
Court had the ruling on gay marriage.

The cool-looking Media team :)

Happy students at the end of the week!

Isn't this baby adorable?!?

The Media team gave a big thank you to all of the folks who helped
them with the broadcasts and newspapers during the week.

Thanking all of the wonderful staff that made the week possible!

So thankful for Allison!

Caleb, Kristyn, and Jonathan

Hehe :)

Emily made it through the week!

So glad that Hope and I could be on the same caucus!

Sarah and Kristyn

Jonathan, Caleb, Jair, and Mark - roommates

Aimee did a ton of work this week as head Aide-de-camp
- thank you for everything Aimee!

Tirzah, Allison and Anna got to be roommates for the week :)

SSI 2015 - week 2 students and staff

Yeah, I had a little bit of laundry to do when we got home ;)

We made many great memories at SSI and we can't wait until next year!

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