Tuesday, July 7, 2015

SSI 2015 - week 2

During the week of June 21-26, several of us went to SSI!

Dad and Melody were on staff, Anna did Mock Trial,
Caleb did Media broadcast and Lydia was a Senator for the week.

The blue Chevys meet again :)

Excited Reps. ready to begin the week!

Lydia, Emily, Sophie, and Jennifer

Being sworn in...

There was a crazy amount of rain on Monday

A little visitor :)

Every night, there were beautiful sunsets!

Here is Monday's broadcast:

On Tuesday, we had the Feats of Strength - it was a lot of fun and teamwork!

Catch the ball!



...before they catch you!

Around the World ping-pong

Crossing the river :)

What?!? There's a staff member on the team!

Keep going, Lee!

The black hole - this is where the Moot Court students worked very hard on their case

Getting interviews from the staff...

Wilson enjoying the newspaper :)

Jonny in the Media room... :)

On Tuesday afternoon, the Media team was able to go to the WKAR studio.

Any Studio C fans out there?!?

Some staff members taking a break from working :)

Thanks to Evan Thompson and Caleb for getting many of these pics!
Stay tuned for another post about the rest of the week at SSI!

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