Saturday, July 4, 2015

Suzuki Teacher Training

At the beginning of June, Grace, Melody, and Anna went to TN for 
Suzuki Music training - Mom tagged along too :)

Late night snacks...Turkey Hill ice cream!!

Meeting up with dear friends :)

They got to see this great movie again!

Talking with the folks back at home...

Spelling, anyone??
Bad spellers, untie!

But this little chair is JUST right!

Sunday smiles :)

Chair desperation

New Suzuki teacher friends!

Melody's wonderful piano teacher trainer

There were tigers all over campus! Notice Melody's hair!

Fun learning together

Gluten-free pizza - outstanding!


What better place to make a salad?!?

Class is done!

Nashville skyline - heading home

What a great time of learning! Looking forward to putting it all into practice!

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