Monday, August 31, 2015

Melody's Birthday!

Happy 21st birthday to our dear sister Melody!

                    Memorizes Scripture
   Loves to cook
        On top of details
  Deep thinker
      Yields to others

We love you and are excited to see what God has in store for you!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blast from the Past

I found these pics of my adorable littlest sister recently :)

Little queen :)

Being a dentist...

... and a waitress!

Doesn't she have the cutest smile?!?

Little Miss Independence :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mom's Birthday!

Happy birthday to the best mother we could ever ask for!

Can you guess how old she is?!?

                 Real math whiz
    Is frugal
                   Eternal optimist

We love you lots mommy!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Guess Who? Challenge - August 2015 - ANSWERED

The Guess Who? Challenge is posted once a month, and is
a post of an old picture of...well, give your best shot at it!
Leave a comment with your guess of who is in the picture,
and the answer will be revealed a week after the original post.

Who could this be?!?

This is ANNA!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Caleb's Birthday!

Here's the newest purchase for Caleb and Joseph :)

Cares about others' safety
A hardworking spirit
Lots of humor
Enjoys anything motorized
Blessing to our family

Happy 17th birthday Caleb! We love you and are
thankful to see God working in your life.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Guess Who? Challenge - August 2015

The Guess Who? Challenge is posted once a month, and is
a post of an old picture of...well, give your best shot at it!
Leave a comment with your guess of who is in the picture,
and the answer will be revealed a week after the original post.

Who could this be?!?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sforzando groupees

After we came home from Sforzando, there were some folks
that decided to follow us back up to MI to have some vacation time!

Julia, Abigail, and Julia!

We just loved being able to hold little cute Abigail :)

Trying out a new instrument...

The L buds - Lydia and Luke

On Wednesday morning, we went to the M's vacation house to have fun swimming!

Allie and Rebecca

Julia and Brianna

The troops :)

A group picture is not a picture unless you have a goofy pic afterwards :)

Wednesday night - ice cream with friends!

This table got very goofy and silly :)

Ju and Buk

Nicole and Lucy - dear friends

The more civilized folks (excluding Rebecca :))

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sforzando String Camp 2015 - Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from the week in IL!

Hildegarde showing the kids the wrong concert etiquette :)

Bethany and Lydia

Listening to a panel session...

Daniel did not want his picture taken :)

"Dr. Bob" (inside joke)

Some of our wonderful violists practicing :)

We went to a park with the M fam :)

Everyone hang on!

Rebecca and Luke :)

When we have ice cream with the M's, Hannah goes crazy! :)

Emily teaching Theory III

We had the ensemble concert on Friday morning!

This quartet did awesome - the hats were a great effect :)

Smiling after a great performance!

Since the t-shirts this year were a little large, Melody's quartet wore them as scarves :)

Anna's quintet played the first movement of Schubert's string quintet in
C major, D. 956 - they did a fantastic job!

"Is it now?!?"

Lydia's quintet played the last movement of the same Schubert
quintet that Anna's ensemble played!

The mighty cellists

Group selfie after a wonderful performance!

These two....

This is how we sign each other's folders...

Having a private concert for Matthew :)

Lina and I can get very goofy :)

Julianne and Lydia

Anna and Anna!

Anna's quintet - Anna, Amelia, Jonathan, Christian, and Anna

We had fun together!

Friday night was the orchestra concert! Here are the Twinkles giving their performance :)

Faith did an excellent job!

Lydia and Serena

Rebecca was in the Beginner Orchestra and had a lot of fun!

Adelina and Luke

One of their pieces was called "Revenge of the Dust Bunnies"

Jonathan and Anna

Caleb, Mary and Julia were in Intermediate Orchestra this year!

Eric was concertmaster - great job!

Mary was 3rd chair in the cello section

Some faculty members helping out the viola section...

I especially liked the "Night on Bald Mountain" that the Intermediate folks played :)

Brother and sister :)

If your brother has a peg in his eye and you have a log...

The Advanced Orchestra played the Elgar Serenade for Strings in E Minor

Attentive listeners...

Anna, Lydia and Melody were in Advanced

On the second piece for Advanced (Five Variants of "Dives
and Lazarus"), 2 harpists played with us! It was lovely!

Moriah and Kimberly added a lot of beauty to the piece!

Awesome job, Hannah, for being concertmistress!

To end the concert, we played "Whiter than Snow" that Dr. Custer arranged!

It was good to see you again, HollyBeth!

Stand partners!

Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, and Jonathan! :)

Having fun with Lina and Mary :)

Mary and Bethany

Great seeing you again, Lisa!

Best buds - Caleb and David

Dear friends - Olivia and Lydia :)

Lydia, Hannah and Anna had a blast together at Sforzando!

Miss you lots, Hannah!!!

Joanna and Julia - Thanks for helping on staff, Joanna!

Anna and Hannah

Stand partners!!

Thanks, Caleb for photobombing :)

Jonathan's twin, Jonathan :)
(one of them needs a beard...)

Benjamin and Rebecca :)

Lisa and Julia!

Jonathan and Buk

Selfie time!

One last group picture with everyone who was left ;)

Some of our folks stayed at Mrs. Kuecher's house - thank you for your hospitality!

We had a lot of fun staying at Anna's house!!

We were trying to be serious....

...but it wasn't working :)

Here's how serious we can be... :)

Somebody got breakfast on the way back to MI :)
Thanks for taking the pic, Jonathan!

How many Mieczkowskis can you fit in a Sforzando t-shirt?!?

Sforzando String Camp 2015!