Monday, August 3, 2015

July wrap-up post

And here we are...already half way through the year 2015!

We found these cute kittens on top of our wood piles :)

"What's over there?!?"

Jon and Rick

The guys were able to help with our church's ministry trip in Swanton, OH.

Building bookshelves...

The finished product!

Danielle getting ready for VBS lessons

Mr. D. and his helpers did a great job on the landscaping!

Doing a skit for the kids in VBS...

Taking a break for some fun :)

Mark being himself :)

Caleb did some pressure washing on the bell tower :)

TJ and Danielle :)

Elijah doing a great job!

No comment... ;)



Our dad is the goofball around here :)

More big logs getting split...

...and stacked.

Rebecca did a wonderful job driving the truck for the first time!
We won't say what happened to everyone else...

Mary has recently started driving the quad around the property
 and has been a great help!

Independence Day celebration with friends :)

And the relays begin!

The girls watching the guys do a relay :)

Gabriella and Rebecca

The traditional water balloon toss

The fireworks were awesome!

Happy Independence Day!

Rand Paul came to Flint, MI to the Farmers Market!

He gave a great speech on how running for president will help America.

Having some fun around music :)

Our power went out at our church during an ordination service..

Thankfully it came back on a little bit through the service!

Fixing the sensor in my camera...

Having fun on a work job :)

Trailer rides with friends are a ton of fun!

Lydia and Laura - the L girls


  1. So glad you guys got to help with the ministry at God's church in Swanton!! Wish we could've been there with you. ~Kaylah

  2. Does your cousin go to BJU?

    1. @Celeste - Our cousin Danielle is a Senior in High School this fall. She was just wearing a BJU shirt that she had :)

    2. I was just wondering because I'm going to BJ this fall. :)

  3. Very fun:) we enjoyed seeing the pictures:)

  4. Busy, busy summer!! Lots of good work and fun!!! <3