Tuesday, August 11, 2015

OCMS String Camp activities

During the week of String Camp, we housed the Holliday kids :)

The boys playing with the little kids' toys :)

Getting the folders ready for String Camp...

We celebrated Dad's birthday too!

Playing foosball with the H kids

We all really like our blue shirts :)

It was so great having Ruth at our place for the week!

Sometimes you just need to ride on a snowmobile
in the middle of the summer :)

Nathan stayed up practicing almost every night :)

When you have some more muscle, there's at least one heavy
object that has to be moved :)

Joseph, Daniel and Caleb

After the concert on Friday night, we went out to Culvers with a few friends :)

Andrew and Buk :)

Get in the blue shirt picture! (notice where Joseph's head is?!?)

It was getting really late... :)

It was such a blast having y'all here and we're looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!


  1. Thank you so much for letting us stay with you!! What can I say. Best part is being posted about on the blog ;). Not really. Just being able to be with y'all was awesome!! Thank you for the fun!!

  2. I noticed from your map that your family hasn't been to Minnesota! I also noticed you haven't been to Texas. Will you be heading down there for the Bible Bee this year? It's Priscilla's last year so we told her we'd go if she made it, and she did.

  3. @K. Family - We are not going to Bible Bee this year as none of us made it and it's been a busy year for us anyway :)