Sunday, August 9, 2015

OCMS String Camp - concert day!

Friday was a very busy day!

CJ listening attentively to the morning devotion...

Finding the best way to take the picture :)

The Twinkle and Alpha concert!

The Twinkle kids did a fantastic job :)

In concerts, we give lots of back rubs :)

In one of Alpha's pieces, this little guy blew the train whistle :)

Buk did a great job!

OCMS String Camp 2015 (with Twinkle and Alpha kids)

Caden did not want to go to Daniel...

Angela and me

More frisbee!

Being goofy for the pictures :)

Little sis!

Mary, Sydney, and Margaret

Gabriella and Jackson being very attentive :)

Rachael and me!!

We had quartet run-through sessions...

Julia and Sydney

Faculty members taking a break...

These girls had a fun time at String Camp together :)

Angela and Rachael

Madeleine and I got to be in the same quartet this year!

It's not the best time to lose your music when on stage :)

But the performance went great!

The 2 Nathans

Distracted audience...

Caleb did a lot of videography and photography throughout
the week - he did an amazing job!

Hope and me :)

Mrs. Herwaldt conducting the Beta kids

The 1st violins in Delta...

The finish to a great piece!

Mr. Robertson waiting for the last person to get on stage
because of music that was forgotten :)

Sharing a message of encouragement

The line up...

These folks can come up with the most goofy things ever :)

OCMS String Camp 2015!

Thanking the Lord for all He has done and continues to do!

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