Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sforzando String Camp 2015

Just less than two weeks after OCMS String Camp, we went to Downers Grove, IL
to Marquette Manor Baptist Church for Sforzando String Camp!

Saw this interesting car on the way down... :)

Mary and Nicole!

Getting to camp the first day and saw this interesting spelling of our last name! :)

The faculty concert was Monday morning...

The cello quartet performed the Danza ritual del fuego (Ritual Fire Dance) by Falla

Emily sang her arrangement of More Love to Thee

Lydia and Lina :)

This Is My Father's World by Dr. Custer

Dr. Brown did a trombone solo - Gloucester by Plante

Jonathan sang an opera piece - Celeste Aida by Verdi
That guy can sing in his sleep!

He sounds terrible!! No, he didn't sound bad at all :)

Joshua and Olivia played Passacaglia

The string quartet played The String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op 12 by Mendelssohn

The Bobbsey String Camp twins :)

Matching friends!

Having dinner with some friends...

Mary and Laura

Dad came this year to Sforzando and did his work at the church :)

Monday night, a few of our families went out for ice cream.

There were railroad tracks nearby, so we went down and watched for trains.
Lo and behold, there wasn't only 1 train that passed, but 4!

Counting the cars :)

Watching for more trains :)

This passenger train came by and these kind gentlemen hopped out
and asked us if we wanted to get on :) We told them thank you, but we weren't
there to get on the train :)


Julia and Hannah

We tried a group jumping picture, but it didn't work too well :)

Lydia and Hannah - besties! :)

The sunset was gorgeous!

Emily and Rebecca

Ever heard of a Cheese Rd?

Jon and Joseph stayed home during the week because of work...

Jon had a fun time on the mower :)

Jonathan has some funny expressions :)

Kara and Julia

Lydia and Hannah

"What are you doing?!?"

The 3 matching Jonathans...

Adding some different effects for a girl pic :)

Julianne and Lydia

Julianne and Julia Anne!

There's more to come!

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