Wednesday, August 5, 2015

OCMS String Camp 2015

The week of July 12, we had OCMS String Camp at our church, First Baptist Church of Troy!


The line can get quite long sometimes :)


...and more sisters!

I was in charge of making sure all the Alpha kids had their music

The little greeter :)


Mr. V!

Introducing all the faculty to the students...

The Beta rehearsal room

Excited Theory students :)

We had quite a few kids in the Alpha orchestra this year!

Eating lunch on the grounds...

Regan and Julia

Frisbee in the gym was a lot of fun :)

Some people had camera wars :)

Pastor Ben Klaus giving a devotional

Some tired folks :)

Nathan S. having sectionals with the 3rd violins/violas in Alpha

One more measure!

Nikolas' funny face :)

Enjoying lunch...

Judd stopped in to say hello :)

A few students preferred not having their picture taken :)

Combined rehearsal

Gamma's rehearsal...

It was great to have Mr. MacNair at String Camp this year!

Mrs. Needham, the Alpha conductor

Mr. Holliday's listening class

The Beta kids had a lot of fun :)

We had a new track this year - the Twinkle kids!
Melody was one of the instructors.


There are lot of pics to come, so stay tuned!

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  1. How fun! I miss being a part of String Camp, so these photos are fantastic :)