Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 Barn Trip - Joseph and Caleb's trip

At the beginning of August, Joseph and Caleb went to our cottage, the Barn!

Crossing the Blue Water Bridge

Mr. Driver

Niagara Falls!

The Needle

Installing the outside shower

The main reason that Joseph and Caleb went up to the Barn early
was to help Aunt Sharon (and crew) make her cottage a year-round home.

This involved: 
- Putting on a 2-story addition on the back of the shack with a basement underneath
- Building a garage
- Winterizing the whole entire house and a lot more!

The first step was to dig a basement

Sunsets at the Barn are always breathtaking...

A close-up view
A beautiful sunrise!

The big digger getting the hole deeper...

That's quite the pile of dirt there!

The basement is dug!

"Why did I ever want to do this?"

Pouring the cement for the wall foundation

Meet Hannah, Aunt Sharon's cute little dog :)

Caleb found these newborn birds

Looking out from the foundation of the house

The walls are coming!

The newest motorized vehicle - a jet ski!!
Not bad for 300 bucks!

Don't you hear the sun sizzle as it hits the water? :)

An invading woodchuck

This crew works fast!

Putting the finishing touches on the cement foundation of the new basement.

Believe it or not, this isn't painted!

A golden eagle sighting

A panoramic view of the Lake

The back of the shack

The new 2-story addition on its way to finishing!

Hard-working guys - Dave and Joey have been a huge help on this project!

There's a lot of catching up to do, so get ready for lots of posts!

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