Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August wrap-up post (plus a few random July pics!)

Another busy month just flew by!

Julia won a prize at chiropractic for coloring the best picture!

We obviously were tired when we tried on our outfits for taking family pictures :) 

A huge thank you to Mr. da Silva for taking our pictures for our cd and website!

The setting was beautiful...

Kids' selfie!

Joe and his bro - the bass - lying in the road :)

Lydia and Anna

Buk enjoyed the view from the dock

Joseph and Anna

It was very overcast while we were taking the photos and as soon as we
got into the car, it started pouring rain!

We went to the beautiful wedding for Jake N. and Stephanie M. - both from our church!

The maid of honor - Hannah M. - and baby boy within!!

Lighting the unity candle

The kiss!!

Josh M. was the MC for the afternoon

Mr. and Mrs. Nowak!

Feeding each other cake :)

Lydia and Elizabeth

Laura put on a goofy face for the picture :)

Anna, Sydney, and Lydia

Cute little TJ :)

"I want to see the camera!"

Getting ready to leave...

And they're off!

Lydia and Caden

Getting more woodchips dropped off for our garden

Oh no! Dad's buried!

Looking at the edited versions of the family photos that were taken..

Taking a ride to church in the Mustang!

These four had a special ride in the Mustang :)

Firstborn cousins - ice cream forever!

I don't think anybody wanted to eat this after seeing
the date that it expired :)

Trying out the new fad! Oh wait, that was outdated years ago...

The bonfire has started!

Dad's playing a new instrument!

We love visiting with our "adopted sister", Hannah :)

We're super excited for Josh and Hannah with a new little one on the way!

Jon, Grace, and Rebecca went to the Berkley parade with
Grandpa and Grandma B and a few cousins

The '48 Ford coupe in the reflection of a wheel...

Buk and Danielle

Grandma, Buk and Grandpa!

Grandpa and Grandma standing by one of their three old cars

Buk's ready to drive!

We got this piece of wood dropped off at our house recently :)

The rest of the pics from August (our vacation to the Barn) will be coming very soon!

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