Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 Barn Trip - the 2nd trip

When we went home after our 2-week vacation, Caleb stayed 
to help with the house project.

Giving rides to the cousins :)

Don't fall!

Cousin Jimmy had his boat out to see the sunset

Nothing quite like meeting your cousins on the Lake!

Most of us came back for an extended Labor Day weekend to help more with the project. 
And some of us came back just to be at the Barn :)

Running up the lane for a 2nd time this year!!

Jon had his birthday while we were up there, so we had
 a birthday party - 30 people were there :)

It was so windy that we had to put barriers up to keep the candles lit ;)

Elizabeth loves getting really high on the swing :)

This was the best attendance we had at the bonfire :)

The kids enjoyed petting Logan (the dog) :)

The sandbox is a favorite with the little kids :)

This was our first time seeing little Wesley Ives Mitchell!

Johnny brought his sailboat to the Lake!

Cousins playing a game

The twins loved popping Mary's cheeks :)

Elizabeth and Mary

Evie hopped onto the car with Drew and he took her for a ride :)

Silly guy!

As usual, the cousins opened the Lakeshore Store and got very good business!

I made this baby set - it was a fun project!

Ten cousins - 12 and under!

Buk helped Grandma grill hotdogs on the new grill for dinner!

Of course the boys wanted their toenails painted too! NOT :)

Playing with cousins is hard work!

Looks like somebody needs to go get a hair cut!

After a shower it looks better :)

Sometimes getting up early Sunday morning to
make breakfast is not a good thing :)

At Old Paths Bible Baptist Church, there are a LOT of big vans :)

Joseph working on Aunt Sharon's car - it's his favorite hobby :)

Playing with little Wes!

Look at those eyes...

It's Fall already?!? ........actually that's painted :)

Taking a sunset ride in Cousin Paul's boat!

"Fred, we have to learn this song!"

"I don't think I can do it!"

Grandpa and Grandma singing a duet :)

Our last bonfire...

A morning kayak trip...

Aunt Sharon (72 years old) decided to take a ride on the jet ski!

And she's off!

She had an audience ;)

Cousin Dave went for a spin...

Cousin Brian enjoyed a quick ride too!

Cousins Chloe and Ava had fun playing with Buk and Julia :)

"Oh no!!"

"I told you to do that Dave!"

When we were on the Blue Water Bridge, we saw all of these
boats heading in because of a storm coming...

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