Monday, October 5, 2015

2015 Barn Trip - The big project

The rest of what the guys got done on Aunt Sharon's house while we were at the Barn is here...

Moving the dirt out...

Grandpa giving instructions

Dave, Aunt Sharon and Grandpa

Mark really liked this :)

Re-roofing the house

The rooftop view

All done with that roof!

Grandpa is 77 years old and is still working hard!

Dave did a superb job at siding this side of the house!

Drilling the pole barn foundation pole holes

Grandpa and Aunt Sharon :)

Starting the walls for the pole barn!

The guys had fun working with Cousin Paul

Taking a much needed break :)

They're making a lot of progress!

Joseph's having a grand time up there...

One more roof done!

The kids loved watching the guys pour the cement :)

Wouldn't you want to walk around in thick cement with heavy duty boots on?

Bonnie helped Paul put in this door :) 

Notice anything wrong?!?

Aunt Sharon wrote a verse on her garage floor before it dried

Workin' up in the attic

Joseph with Hannah!

The guys did a great job at siding!

We're almost done!

How many cameras does one need to carry? - Cousin Dave

Here are the finished pictures of what they got done in 4 weeks!

The Mieczkowski/Birchard crew with Aunt Sharon

What a great crew!

See Grandpa's thumb?!?

Aunt Sharon with her guys...don't mess with her!

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