Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015 Barn Trip - Watkins Glen

When we were at the Barn, we went to Watkins Glen State Park!

Grabbing a bit to eat before we started hiking...

There are 19 waterfalls at Watkins Glen, but I don't
think we were able to see all of them :)

At almost every turn, there was another waterfall :)

Bridal Falls

Notice the shape?

We tried really hard to get a kids picture by the falls, but it didn't work :)

Mom behind the Falls

See anybody up there?

The lovebirds ;)

Taking a rest to make sure we're going the right way :)

We didn't go here :)

They love to smile for the camera...

...but they don't like waiting in between pictures...

Mom and Dad thought it was very romantic!

This waterfall was so close to the trail that Julia got to wash her flip-flops in it :)

Everybody ran on the trail here so that they didn't get wet :)

I wonder who did this?!?

Don't drop the camera!

This waterfall was really neat!

Rebecca's corner

We saw this interesting tree on the nature path.

This is Grace and Mark's home after they get married! (just kidding :))

Whenever we're sight seeing, we love to get off of the beaten path ;)

Getting some refreshment from the spring...

Dad and Mom decided to wander off by themselves

This pile of rocks had already been started, so we made it taller :)

Mount St. Rock

Joseph and Anna

That's a long drop off there!

Oh no!! They're falling!!

This is on top of an 85 ft. suspended bridge - you can actually see out of the park.

He found his name on the bridge!

Time for a picture!

Munchin' down some apples...

These tables were really neat!

Can you see our van?!?

We had a great time!!

Snackin' on the treats at Costco :)

I think Mark and Grace have finally found the perfect chaperone!

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