Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Barn trip - Week 1

The rest of the family went to the Barn 2 weeks after Caleb 
and Joseph had left - we really wanted to see them!

The first official trip with our "new" van!

The kids stopped at Grandpa and Grandpa M's house and picked apples!
Some of us had to play for a wedding :)

Catching up on sleep in the car...

Having fun with the sibs...

Running down the lane!!
Doesn't everybody do this at midnight?!

The guys had bought the jet ski without us knowing, so we were super surprised!

The Barn!

One of the first rides on the jet ski!

Swimming with cousins is always fun :)

We eat....

...and sleep in the lake :) Not really...

Cousin Bonnie on the raft with us kiddos (and Dad) :)

Enjoying the sunset

I found this half of a heart rock.

Our grandparents are still madly in love after being married over 54 years!!

Sister love...

"I have way too many dishes to do!!"

A heart-to-heart father daughter talk

Before getting our family picture taken...

...we get pretty goofy :)

Rides on the tree swing are a huge favorite :)

Sitting on the swing

Cousin Dave and Grandpa could talk for days :)

Emily and Lydia

Kayaking into the sunset...

We had a little visit from the sheriff :)

Little Sammy on his grandpa's boat :)

Joseph and Anna loving the sunset view

Bonfires are a must at the Barn!

Making French toast for breakfast...

This is the best place to do your personal devotions!

Rebecca loves the water!

The guys did some trimming for Cousin Dave so that we
could see the sunset in the evening :)

Just a little more...

Grandpa - the overseer

Doesn't everyone put a ladder in the water to trim trees?

Playing some basketball

We love our naps :)

Grandma and Mom enjoying the water

This poor sailboat got towed by a motorboat :)

Special times with Cousin Paul

We love Lake Ontario!

Dad and Mom took a ride on the jet ski!

The startoff...

The falloff! :)

We may have laughed too much :)

After they got out, they really enjoyed themselves!

Kids' picture!

Melody and Mary

Caleb and Dad have the windblown look :)

At the Ice Cream Shack - they have excellent ice cream!

Maybe the chair was a bit too little?!?

Grace is too tired to do school...

Buk, the train master

Uh oh, looks like we got some prisoners

All aboard!

This was definitely my favorite sunset :)

On Wednesday, we picked Mark up from the airport!

Grace and Mark :)

Somebody thought it was time for bed...

Silly gals...

Grace and Mark took some of us girls out to ice cream!

You know the meal's good when everybody's happy :)

We celebrated Caleb's birthday while at the Barn!

There were just too many pictures of sunsets :)

Trying to fit in some cd work...obviously very interesting.

We go kayaking as much as possible when at the Barn :)

Buk had a lot of fun in the kayak!

Measuring a big tree with grandma...

This was a cruise ship that we found on the horizon!

We had our annual concert for our friends and relatives at the Lake...

Fellowship time before the concert...

Although we didn't get pictures of the kids performing,
the folks that came really enjoyed it :)

It was so cold one night that Grandpa had a fire in the stove!

Sunday morning breakfast can always be slightly crazy :)

We girls took a shopping trip with Grandma

Playing Lightning

Grace and Mark :)

This dog came to visit us one day on shore :)

These two....

We really enjoyed getting to know little Sammy better!

Lunch with Emily...

...and Clayton!


Grace and Mark made dinner a few times for us!

It was super delicious :)

Mark took the jet ski for a spin before nightfall

Spending quality time with Cousins Paul and Bonnie

Every year at the Barn, we read aloud a book - this year it was The Gold Seeker's Chasm

Having a Skype call with a friend :)

Sending off a luminary...

Mark popped popcorn over the fire one night!

Taking a walk to Kuckville...

We saw this hilarious sign on our walk :)

Johnson Creek

We had fun!! (don't mind my weird face - I have no clue why I did that :))

I'll leave you with this collage :)

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