Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 Barn Trip - Week 2

We were super excited when all of our schedules worked 
out to be at the Barn for 2 whole weeks!!

This is how many girls you can fit on the swing!

Enjoying the ice cream at Rocking R Ranch!

In their store, they had this funny product :)

Meet Goliath, the miniature horse :)

Dad decided to go with the EXTRA large mint chocolate chip ice cream :)

Look how tall I am!

Mount Albion Tower

Climbing the 84-step tower

The view is incredible from the top!

Mark has that sinking feeling...

This freighter is on the horizon of Lake Ontario

The folks decided not to make the trip up :)

We found our friend's name, Thompson E., in the memorial
(just kidding ;))

Cousin Paul needed this tree to be felled,
so he got his crew and they went to work :)

The audience




Cousin Paul's tractor came in very handy for this job :)

We had a little celebration for Mom's birthday!!

Notice the numbers?!?

These 3 went on a kayaking trip :)

Mary loves to collect glass from the shore...

I love riding on the tree swing!

Daughter and Mother :)

The absolute best place to get your nails painted!

Joseph is not actually that tall :) He's standing on the big rock...

Cousin Paul kindly gave a boat ride to Grace, Mark and Anna!

Grandma and granddaughter :)

Evie loves to make this face :)

Buk and Drew having fun together in the sandbox!

A couple days before we left, we had a big group go to the Village Inn!

Mary and Cole :)

This was mostly the kids' table, so it may have gotten pretty hyper at times :)

Well, maybe this one did too!

We really like our salad!

Moments of creativity while waiting for your food...

Cousin Dave came 5 hours to be at the Village Inn that night!

We'll see what the waiters think of this when they clean up :)

Our guys love to hang out with Cousin Dave!

This is the most relaxing way to watch a video on the camera :)

Great tool!

Cousins up in a tree

Julia going paddle boarding!

The water was super clear that day...

Caleb got to drive Cousin Paul's boat!

It was fun to see you again Sammy!

On Sunday, August 30, we ministered in music at some friends' church and
went over to their house afterwards for some fellowship!

Lydia was too tired to smile for the camera :)

Anna and Hannah!

Micah played some beautiful music on his pedal harp for us!

Buk and Leah

We saw this sign on the way back to MI!!

That's the end of our 2-week vacation!
But there's more to come :)

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