Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CD Fundraising Concerts - Reflections of Praise

Getting ready for our 2 fundraising concerts was a lot of work (and tiring)!

Gathering all of the music....

Everyone had their own folder of the music they needed to practice

We even brought out the piano for our practice sessions!

September 19th was our first concert day...

Looking cool in the shades :)

Dad and Mom giving the opening remarks

We kids introduced each other :)

Oh no! I have to turn the page!

It was great having Caleb back home for a few weeks!

Grace's newest instrument - the pennywhistle :)

In between most of the songs, we would explain the
meaning of the words and the background of the song.

We were really tired :)

Listening to Dad's gospel presentation...

Wow! Dad is Rebecca's stand partner!!

What a resemblance between Dad and Caleb (minus the beard, of course!).

"Praise Ye the Lord!"

The pre-ordering table was pretty busy afterwards :)

Chatting with friends

Grabbing some dinner on Sunday night after the concert :)
12 subs, anyone?!

Organizing our music for recording the next day!

Thanks to Evan Thompson of Eagle Stealth Team Productions for taking most of these pictures!
We highly recommend him for your photography and videography events!

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