Thursday, October 29, 2015

In the studio...

Our time in the recording studio was fun and exciting!

How much do you need for one day of recording?

Getting a brief tour of the studio...

The control room

The main recording studio

This piano was so amazing!

Was it a good take?

Anna was in her own little room for the harp recording :)

We had a TV in each room so that we could see what was going on :)

"This needs to be changed"

Josh Ford of Sound Shop Studios was great to work with!

Rebecca listening to the recordings :)

Sometimes we needed a break...

Somebody was excited! :)

Lunch break!

Getting everybody in order for the big piece with
 all of us involved was quite challenging :)

Dad did a great job with Buk as his stand partner!

Listening and more listening...

These mics are the real deal.

Getting set up for the 2nd day of recording...

On the piano solo, Grace's hands were too small to
reach some chords, so I jumped in and helped :)

We were so excited when Rhys and Steven said they could help with the percussion parts!
They sounded awesome :)

Getting ready for day three of recording...

Chill time...

Mom's all ready to go! 

When you don't have a stand, this is what you do. :)

We're almost done?!?

Texting somebody....

We're done!

A huge thank you to Josh Ford for all his patience in helping us
do this for the first time - we had a blast!

So grateful to the Lord for this opportunity! May it be a blessing
and encouragement to others!

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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures and video clips:) I'm quite excited to hear the cd:) I'm amazed you all did the strings recording in the same room. That must have taken quite some coordination, and focus. It sounds amazing:)