Thursday, October 8, 2015

That's a wrap for September!

September was a pretty crazy month :)

We enjoyed having Jonathan Wessel over for a night!

He had just come from acting in a film up in the U.P.

Taking the place of Caleb who was gone at the Barn at the time :)

We spent many hours practicing for our cd concerts and recording...

Great job Dad on re-learning the violin in just a couple of weeks!

This beautiful sight was at Great Lakes National Cemetery where we
went for the funeral of one of our relatives...

Some of us got to watch over this Mr. Handsome ;)

Don't you love his shirt?!?

This cloud was so cool!

Buk and Lois

This is definitely the biggest log we've had dropped on our property.

We are super excited that this movie is finally on dvd!!!

Loading up the quad in the big van to take to the Men's Retreat at Camp Cobeac!

It fit!

Ping-pong was a big hit :)

At the shooting range...

The cello buddies

Buk's super excited to play her violin ;)

And so are we :)

Sorting music...

Rebecca having fun in a tree ;)

Listening to Grandpa's thrilling tales!

The perfect sign for Grandpa :)

Celebrating Grandpa and Grandma's birthdays!

Having fun with friends at church :)

The log is making progress!

Dad really enjoys his new hat!

Mary shooting her new crossbow!

I'd say that's pretty good for the 2nd shooting round!

She had no clue that she was getting the crossbow this early in the year :)

Going out to set up the tree stand...

All ready for hunting!

On September 27 (Julia's birthday), we had the Chatfield family over to our home!

Julia with State Rep. Lee Chatfield (Jon's boss)

"Happy birthday!"

Having fun with little Lee and Noah

Going for quad rides!

Look at the newest drivers! :)

Garden fun...

Trying a tomato

We had a lot of fun!

Lee Chatfield spoke at our church that night!

Jon, Isaac, and State Rep. Lee Chatfield

When a musician paints his car... :)

Is Joseph going to drive away with this on his hood?!

Having a girls day out with Lucy!

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