Wednesday, November 25, 2015

October's done!

October was a very full month :) These are just a few of the pics that we got...

We had the 5-some birthday party for Mom, Jon, Melody, Caleb and Julia!
All of their birthdays are in August and September...

Havin' fun with the sibs

How old is this person?!?

1,747,212,411 = somebody's REALLY old :)

Happy birthday to Caleb, Mom, Melody, Jon and Julia!

There were a bunch of trees along our driveway that could've possibly fallen down
on the electrical lines if the tree trimming company hadn't cut them down :(

It looks pretty bare now, but more trees will grow eventually :)

The Fall colors were gorgeous this year!

Earlier this month, Dad, Jon, Joseph, Caleb and Lydia
 went to the Barn one last time this year to help Aunt Sharon!

Starting the process of drywalling.

Caleb helped Cousin Dave with insulation

There was 20' of shore!!

Joseph getting blown off :)

It's snowing!

Hanna got to stay with Grandma and Lydia for the day :)
She loves Joseph!

We had to prepare big meals for all of the hard workers

Sharing stories late into the night ;)

The newest heater in the living room!

Watch out, world!

Uh oh, where's Dave going?!

Almost done!

While the guys were working, Grandma, Missy and Lydia had a fun day of shopping :)
Here's Lydia with the 1-pound Mojo Burger from Rudy's restaurant!
And no, I did not finish it all :)

This view was gorgeous in the morning!

The line-up

Pulling up the stairs for winter...

When you need to seal off the chimney for the winter, wouldn't you use a pail too?!


Goodbye Barn!

Fall colors in Michigan...

Jon got some neat snapshots of the Capitol and the Lansing area...

When you invite a family with a lot of kids....some of them are married, so you
invite them too and you end up with a lot of people at your house :)

Our guys along with a couple of other guys did a roofing job at the B's house.

They tore off the old roof and re-shingled it in 1 day!

All done!

Campaigning for Mrs. E.!

When you need a heavy trailer turned right side up, don't
you ask your next door neighbor to help?!

Apple pie and MI = awesome :)

How many bikes and instruments can you fit into the back of a 15-pass van?

OCMS had the privilege of traveling to Grand Rapids, MI to
 play a concert for the Bibles International Banquet!

Traveling in the bus...

We had an audience of about 600 folks there!

Lydia and Lydia had fun traveling together :)

Can't believe it's already the end of November! :\

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