Tuesday, December 29, 2015

November.....Where have you gone!?!?!?

This month has flown by so fast! (And it's already near the end of December!!)

We had a birthday party for Grandma B and Lydia
near the beginning of the month.

"What's in there?"

Buk with her ribbon "headband" :)

Daddy and daughter

Daughter and daddy

Distracted brains

The new ages...

The Orion Chamber Music Society did a Harvest Concert
at First Baptist Church of Troy on the 20th.

I wonder if Joseph is going to catch him?

It was probably one of Grace's last concerts 
We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for Dad's side of the family.

The expert turkey cutter
Look at all that food!
Best friends! Cousins too!
The table
Our aunt's TO DIE FOR cheesecake!
Grandma and Grandpa Mieczkowski
The whole family
Can you believe we're this goofy?
All of the grandkids
Someone's the center of attention :)
Whipped cream all the way!

We got our Christmas tree on Black Friday!

Some of Lydia's beautiful photography

We do what we have to :)
Headed back...
In front of our tree!
Another selfie!

Arranging the Christmas decorations 

Beautiful creation
The pretty raindrops
We had some good friends of ours, the Alessios, over that night
The finished view of the tree
A different angle and a different color

Lydia got this when she was quite young - it must be a sign!

We helped our grandparents set up their 12-foot tree the Sunday after that.

In progress
Almost done
The decoration bears :)
Someone's tired...
Uh oh, it's Studio C!
This was our motto last month, and it will be until we get snow!!!!!
That's it for November!

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