Thursday, February 4, 2016

December wrapup

Sorry that this post is so late! We had a great time in December!
The advent chain for the Christmas tree
The lowest gas price Mom has gotten so far :)  Stay tuned for more!!
Jon's friend and mentor, Mr. Wingrove
Grandpa and Grandma B. hosted the first stop of the Vinsetta walk-through
We played along as the folks sang
All of us with Nurse Heather, who helped with about 5 of our births
Mom and Heather
We ate dinner with the Birchard cousins afterwards
We had some cousins over the next day.
Emma and Rebecca
Our adorable (new!) cousin Ruth!
Pastor Steve's grandkids wanted to play in orchestra too!
We took a quad and two splitters over to our Grandpa's house to help him with wood!

The setup
A new sight on Vinsetta
Julia and Rebecca had a fun time playing with Sadie
Caleb did a great job at his recital!
Jon's view of the Capitol on Friday the 18th
It took us 2 hours to get to church for the dress rehearsal of the Christmas Cantata

We had the privilege of ministering at Grace Bible Fellowship in Swanton, OH
Anna and Emmaline
The day before New Year's Eve was spent mudding and painting 
the living room and dining room
The first time we've had a Christmas tree in the kitchen

We had the opportunity to go to a BCS boys' basketball game at The Palace!

We had some friends over that night

Comparing engagement rings :)
We diffused a bomb!
Watching a video on the projector :)

Carpet stretching was on the agenda during the next few days

We had to move all the furniture out...INCLUDING the bookshelves

Getting very comfortable

Ah....delight (except for the fact that I've read almost all of those ;))

Reading long-lost books

Having some good fellowship with friends
Caleb and I went hunting
Sharing music at a nursing home was a blessing.

Mary and Janelle played a duet

That's what happened in December (besides Christmas!!)!

My times are in Your hand...
Psalm 31:15a

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