Friday, March 18, 2016

January/February wrap-up post

The first 2 months of this year have flown by so fast! 

Jon went to a Spartans basketball game 
We took a traditional height picture with some very tall friends of ours who were moving

Grandpa loading the ancient fireplace
In reminiscence of Mark and Grace's wedding coming up, we watched Mom and Dad's wedding
(they haven't changed very much, have they? :)) 
Redecorating the living room
Our new individual pictures

Buk practicing her French skills

We went snowmobiling with some very good friends of ours!

Jon and Alice ;)  
Having fun saucering
An old record at a friend's house 
Having lunch with a very sweet couple from our church
Playing ping pong with Mrs. Gallowitch
My first time "playing" pool! 
One of our last Sunday night snack times together
Dad always gives WOW - Words Of Wisdom
One of Mom's lowest gas prices! (still more to come!!!) 

Jon, Lydia and Caleb with our former State Representative Andrea LaFontaine
Lydia, Kristyn and Caleb went to Lansing

Working on more Roman shades!

We stacked all of this cardboard in our basement hallway - you had to be very careful not to tip the stack over :)

Getting opinions on pictures for SH MACS

We had a birthday party for Grace, Joseph and Rebecca

Eating Mom's DELICIOUS chocolate cake

Showing the grandpas the latest and greatest
We had some friends over and had a great time!

SNOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly it melted soon after :(
But not before.....snowmobiling!

This is what I like to see!
We had a delicious "red meal" on Valentine's Day!

Our last Sunday ride to church with Grace!
Mom and Dad got heart-shaped pizza for us that night!
The boys visited with some of our old neighbors!
Mark and Grace came over and opened presents from all of us!

From rags to riches...

A gift from Melody, Julia and me

Searching for a present

Aunt Alice, Mom and Cousin Lynn

What a nice pile of wood!
Stay tuned for some wedding pictures tomorrow!

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