Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trip up North Part 1

We had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the U.P. and Minnesota earlier this 
month to minister to some churches and do some sight-seeing!

Oh - I forgot my cello! JK

We were pretty tightly packed in there
The Mighty Mac

We went to an amazing snowmobile museum!
People from all over the United States have been here! We added our pin!

The museum is run by volunteers. They are so knowledgeable!

This snowmobile doesn't have skis!

The original snowmobile ;)
The snow dragster
This one reminded us of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Can you spot Dad?
The new ride!

We were going to stay at the Northwoods later in the trip, so we stopped
there ahead of time to get our bearings.
The Northwoods Lodge
Man, it was cold!
We headed over to Calvary Baptist Church of Wakefield, MI
Eating dinner with Pastor Riley

On the second day of our trip, we took a jaunt up to Copper Harbor
in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Needless to say, there were
whiteout conditions!

The Keweenaw Peninsula, the most northern part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, 
averages more snowfall than anywhere in the United States east of the Mississippi River. 
The average is 273 inches per year, with the record being 390.4 inches.

It was really beautiful


We went to a restaurant in Calumet and ate pasties for the first time!
The miners would eat pasties from the middle as they held the edges -
then they would dispose of the edges as there was arsenic on their fingers!

We ordered 9 - they only had 4! Plan B - add some other sandwiches!

They were DElicious! No arsenic here!
Mirror selfie

Handmade signs - not an endorsement
The Rileys' daughter had been given a violin and Anna helped her play a bit!

Playing the violin

See the snow?!?!?!
Our wonderful hosts, the Rileys

And the Ruemenapps!
Next we headed to Minnesota for a wedding in Milaca

What a lot of ice!

Modern art?

We met our sweet Bible Bee friend at Subway!

The wedding was about to begin!

The getaway truck
Adorable Kayli!

The bride and her father

The bridesmaids

...'til death do us part...

Collin's brothers
The first kiss!

Everyone received Mason jar glasses as a gift!

Collin made this rose for Whitney - totally amazing

Sophie, Lydia and Emily - best friends :)


Beautiful scenery
Next stop: Warroad, MN - 5 hours away from the wedding
and 5 miles from the Canadian border :)

Stay tuned for part 2!