Friday, May 20, 2016

Trip up North part 2

We had the privilege of ministering to the Family Fundamental Church in Warroad, MN
 the following Sunday!

Family Fundamental Church

Almost all of us!
Julia and Joanna wore the same shirt!
What a smiling bunch!
We headed over to the Lake of the Woods to see one of the biggest 
freshwater lakes besides the Great Lakes!

The guys on the ice in their Sunday best!

Mike was begging for some food
Wonderful fellowship
A crazy Dutch Blitz game
We played a fun game of Kingdoms!
Conspiring amongst the kingdom members
Caleb won the game with this name! (Renuzit)
Melody and Rachel
Julia and Joanna
Anna and Elizabeth
The guys helped with chores on the farm

How is your bottle today?
Big machinery
Caleb got a really good picture of this bald eagle in the backyard.
That morning, we headed over to the Northwoods

Wow, just, wow

Some beautiful ice formations along the way
Wolf Lake House
It was really spacious!
Nice kitchen!

A fascinating chainsaw piece of art!

The gorgeous sunset
Wolf Lake

Family dinner
Cozy fire
Room for everybody!

This was the first time that many of us had played Yahtzee!
Breakfast the next morning...
A final view
We stopped along the shores of Lake Michigan
A gorgeous view of the lake!
The Mackinac Bridge!

Lake Michigan
Mackinac Island
Caleb took this from the bridge!
The Mighty Mac!
Then we headed over to Cracker Barrel and had a delicious dinner!

What a yummy meal!
What we found in the Cracker Barrel store :)

Wow, what an exciting trip! We thank the Lord for traveling mercies
and wonderful times of fellowship and ministry!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the pictures! We enjoyed your visit and you are welcome back anytime your in this neck of the woods!