Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Memorial Day weekend activities

We did a ton of stuff over the Memorial Day weekend!

First of all, Melody, Anna and Lydia went to a banquet
for the juniors and seniors of 2016 from Bethany Christian School.

All dressed up and ready to go!
The location was beautiful!
Selfie with Mrs. C.
Mark and Grace came up for the weekend!
We got TONS of invitations to various open houses! And this isn't all of them!
Preparing goodies
Sydney and Lydia
Sydney thought it was supposed to
be a funny face picture :)
Mrs C., the professional photo bomber
Four oldest girls and Sydney
Mark and Grace caught up with a lot of people from church and the school
Danielle with her Aunt Lorie
Firstborn cousins :)
Caleb with Mrs. Spencer
Graduating cousins!!
Caleb and his good friend, Kevin
Caleb with Bruce
A collage Jon put together for the firstborn cousin history
Lydia and Madeleine - best friends!
Lydia with Madeleine and her Mom

On Saturday, we had Caleb's Graduation Open House 
along with all of the other graduates that attend our church!

...and after!
A creative way to display the pictures :)
Literally, 4-5 people came up to Joe and congratulated him on graduating!
(He graduated 2 years ago ;))
Aleisha and Lydia - it was so good to see the whole Beachell family again!
Adorable Lydia!
Hundreds of people attended the open house!
Pastor Steve and Mr. B. with Caleb
Discussing the finer points of the Stihl with Pastor Mark

The Carlock twins had a fun "photo booth" where you could put on
 or hold up all kinds of crazy stuff :D
Mr. C. kept us laughing :)
No words needed... :D

Matt and Sydney with Lydia and Anna
Mrs. Brudnak and Lydia
Mark, Caleb, and Caleb

Mrs. C and Anna having fun with the photo booth :)
Caleb with Grandpa and Grandma Birchard
The graduate with Grandpa and Grandma Mieczkowski
The 3 bros
The happy parents with the graduate!

And finally, this is what we did on Memorial Day!

Before the weeding started.... the middle of.....
....and after!
We did our Bible Study outside
Some pretty flowers in our front flower bed

Wow! Look at that muscle! :)
We had some friends over, and Azalea was pretty tired :) She is soooo cute!

There you have it! Our crazy weekend :)

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  1. Congratulations, Joe, oh, I mean Caleb!!! I love the picture of you girls on the top of the post. Have a wonderful day!! Mrs. Krahn