Friday, July 22, 2016

June activities Post 1

Ashlyn and Anna
Caden's ADORABLE blue eyes!

Caleb explaining how the jet ski works to Melody

We went to a birthday party for a little friend at church!

We saw Brock there!

He is SO CUTE!

Good try, Phoebe!

More Brock sightings!
Typical Brock face ;D
We had a little birthday party for Grandpa and me on my birthday
78 and 13!

Then we went to our cousin Danielle's senior vocal recital! It was beautiful!

Firstborn cousins!

Danielle with her wonderful parents!

We traveled up north and did concerts at two churches!
Northern Michigan Bible Baptist Church

Buk and Mr. Thompson
We stayed with the Thompsons from Northern Michigan Bible Baptist Church!
Lydia and Jennifer
Julia and Jennifer
The (ahem) crazy bunch in the car
We had a really fun time with our friends the Linkowskis!

Anna and Haddie
Big sister, little sister


Lydia and Corinn
We had a Father's Day party with Grandma and Grandpa M. at Cracker Barrel!
Come sit with us on our porch!
Grandma ad Julia
Grandpa M. and Dad
We recently invested in a new (to us) Bobcat! The guys are loving it :)

Just for looks
This will not happen
It saves us a lot of time and energy!
It's also helpful for moving other things - like jet skis!
One of our cousins had their donkey out at a graduation party ;)
They had adorable baby rabbits!
The proud gobbler
Stay tuned for part two of....June activities!

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  1. Wow, a bobcat moving a jet ski! I've never seen that before!