Friday, August 5, 2016

Barn Trip 2016 #1: Mitchell Croquet Tournament

Every year, the Mitchell family (our great-grandma was
one of seven Mitchell siblings) hosts a croquet tournament.
This year, Jon, Joseph, Caleb and Mary participated!

Drawing names to decide who goes first

The first group - 2 father/son sets and Joseph
Wes is ready to play!
A word of prayer

Good eye...
The newbie

Love Cousin Bonnie's hat!
The spectators

What a happy group!
The course

When you have to take a rest...
Steady now...

I did it!
Aunt Sharon made it to the next round!
Somebody's excited!!
The play book...
Another father/son set!

Little Sammy

Jonathan did pretty well - only one from our immediate family to advance
to the second round.
Caleb ready for his shot
Cole won the children's tournament and advanced
to the adult one, moving to the second round!
Cousin Jimmy is the resident expert

Grandpa and grandson in the second round!
All the best!

You were great!
It was a well-fought game!

More Wesley sightings
Hold me!
Waiting their turns...
Playing from the weeds
A seasoned pro
Great job! Aunt and nephew!
Daddy and daughter
Aunt Sharon and Jonathan were against each other in the second round.
What do we do now?

The one-handed shot
Good job, Cuz
Evie had fun with her ball!

Cousin Bonnie won against Aunt Sharon!

The final round...
...Cousin Bonnie against Cousin Dave
Cousin Dave sent Cousin Bonnie a good long way ;)

She made it!!!!

Calling Grandpa B. - he was so excited!
Presented for the first time...
to a female member of the Mitchell clan!

What a special time!
So that was the amazing Mitchell family croquet tournament!

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