Monday, August 8, 2016

OCMS String Camp 2016!

This year, we had the opportunity to participate in

The beginning of registration
They have arrived!
Chapel session

Kim Kennedy, associate concertmaster of the DSO, taught a master class for a couple of the students
Jackson did a wonderful job!

Caden came along with his siblings!
Giving out instructions
Pastor Steve was able to come and lead a devotional on Tuesday
We were very privileged to have Molly Ijames as one of our instructors this year!
She is a nationally-known composer and arranger, as well as a fantastic teacher!
Wow, this class really stretches you!
Molly also directed a singing group


Jonathan came and helped us in Beta this year!
Elizabeth and Caleb having fun during choir
The lunch room
The Gamma/Delta orchestra
We had the opportunity to play for the offertory on Wednesday night
All the students who stayed at our house
Our early morning smiles.... ;)

Judd taught the devotional on Wednesday and Thursday
The Alpha group was fairly large this year!
Buk did a great job as concertmaster!
Anna helped with the Twinklers
One of Anna's students was in Twinkle!
Beta sectionals
Technique class
Julia had a really fun time with Helena!
Delta was small this year - 12 people!
Gamma was conducted by Mr. Culver this year! Thank you, Mr. Culver!
Mary was first chair
Benjamin and company
Miss Gaskell taught Aural Skills 2
Telling the difference between intervals
Mrs. Moore led Aural Skills 1
The Aural Skills 3 class

Having fun at lunch

Mr. MacNair led a conducting class


A back-rubbing session
Quartet coaching sessions

The faculty quartet practicing
Kelsey, Julia, and Liddy
Buk with some Alpha friends
The last rehearsal with everybody!
Mr. MacNair played with Julia
The Twinkle and Alpha concert was on Friday afternoon

Isaac and Mishael
Ava loved being in Twinkle!
Mrs. Jezowski taught the Twinklers
Kim Kennedy shared a testimony with us and played a lovely song by Barber

Mrs. Needham directed the Alpha orchestra

Ashleigh did a great job in Alpha!
Having an impromptu "Simon Says" session with Donald Duck :)
We Skyped with Mr. Holliday, since he wasn't able to be there!
This was his first year to not be able to come to String Camp :(
He had his string camp shirt on!!
Lydia's quartet + their coach
Nikolas was in Delta this year - he is really good!
Lydia with two of the VDB kids

These two loved being stand partners!

Mrs. Herwaldt directed Beta
Our lone bass student, Christopher ;)

Elizabeth loved being concertmaster!
Caleb was the viola section :)

OCMS String Camp 2016!

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