Thursday, September 29, 2016


Well, here's what we did in the first 2 weeks of August!

Jon, Caleb, and Lydia campaigned for Jon's boss on Drummond Island

Didn't know they owned an island!
Lovely Lake Huron

Definitely needed some work on the barn...

Julia and Jon painting together
Buk helped Jon too ;)
Mel's wheels got a new shine ;) ... and a homey reflection!
Caleb and Lydia volunteered at a fair for Right to Life
Jon saw some friends at a Tigers' game!

We went to a couple from church's Wisconsin Olympics!

A lovely rainbow after the heavy rain!

We had a final Bible Bee meeting as well.

LOTS of shoes ;)

How many people can sing out of the same hymnal?

Good discussions
Fun foosball games :D
And Marbleworks!
Time for dads...
Buk and Hannah 

Skylar, Julia and Kelsey 
Adorable Amber!!!

Jon and Caleb went to the Tigers' game with Uncle Gordon,
Gideon and Josiah


Joe got one of his wisdom teeth pulled and Buk lost a tooth
 - you can definitely tell whose is whose!
Roof sitting - new sport
There ya have it for the first two weeks of August!

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