Friday, September 9, 2016

Sforzando String Camp 2016!

We went to Sforzando String Camp again this year!

Waiting for Mom and Dad in the car
This was Matthew's first year! He was zonked
at the end of the first day, and so was his mommy :)
Lydia was 3rd chair this year!
Hannah was great as concertmaster!
Jonathan led the cello section
Dr. Brown was a wonderful conductor! 
Caleb played viola this year
The 2nd violinists

Katie, Candy, and Bek
Faith and Naomi
We went out to a park with the M. family!
Mrs. M. brought sidewalk chalk

All of our creative art

Then we went out to ice cream afterwards!

The faculty recital was on Tuesday morning

A beautiful cello piece
Emily did a lovely vocal song

Anna played a violin solo
Melody helped out in accompaniment

Jonathan was amazing as usual!

This was a wonderful Dvorak piece played by the Palazzolos and Anna...

...with orchestral accompaniment by the Custer ladies!

Quick break

1st violin sectionals
All of the students in chapel
Melody & Leanna + their Twinklers
"What do you want?"
Hannah and Lydia
Improvisation class
My quartet was really fun!
Lydia's quartet was great
Anna did 1st violin sectionals for the Beginner orchestra

Questions for Dr. Bob

He has my vote!

Besties :) 
Amelia did an outstanding piece in the master class

More ice cream! Cheaper when you share pints!!

Caleb and I were in the same quartet

Pink surprise!

Hmm..long week?


The great debate

Now here's why you should vote for me...

It's like this...

When I play piano, it is with this form...

Rebecca and Eric

The Beginner Choir

Fun with friends!

Loved seeing these folks!

The happy couple poses with Lydia :)


Fellow harpists

Lydia with the wonderful Centira

More ice cream!

Melodies surrounded

Who can reach the cherry?

All the faculty
Sforzando String Camp 2016

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