Saturday, November 19, 2016

Barn Trip 2016 #2 - Friends at the Barn

Some very dear friends of ours, the Alessio and Spix families,
came and stayed for a couple of days at the Barn!

Waiting for the Alessios
Dinner for 20

We couldn't all fit at the table :)

Beautiful angry waves

Sunrise the next morning!
More pancakes and bacon!
We decided to sit outside in the beautiful weather!

A wall-sit competition :)

We went out for some ice cream at the Shack!

Playing school

Poor jail lovebirds :D

Audrey was quite the mechanic ;)

Discussing how to grill most efficiently :D 

Ever heard of walking on water? (Can you see the freighter?)

Mr. and Mrs. Spix enjoying a lovely sunset :)

We were trying to figure out what this cloud looked like on Sunday morning ;)

We went to church with the Leary family, friends from the Bible Bee.

It was Mom's birthday, so we sang to her

Playing Boppity-Bop-Bop-Bop!!

So we said our goodbyes to the Spixes and Alessios and also the older kids!

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