Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Barn trip 2016 #2 - Grace and Mark's place!

I apologize for the long wait on this post! School has kept me very busy ;)

We headed off to Mark and Grace's for a fun time of catching up with them!

The long packing process begins

Unfortunately, we ran into an unexpected tire problem in Canada.
Thankfully, we got to a rest area before anything went wrong!
This was also the first time we had ever had something go wrong on a trip like this :D

Sleeping on the job?

Pretty close to camping at Mark and Grace's!

Kitchen fun

The parsonage

Mark and Grace's horses, Warrior and Cherokee
Mark had a training time with Cherokee

Checking out a new attachment on their KitchenAid ;)
Playing Ticket to Ride
Sunday afternoon smiles :)
Another yummy meal!

Feeling the baby kick <3
Fun to be together!


Looking at a friend's wedding pictures - through the porch window too!
We also weeded their garden :D

Mark and Grace took us to a local mountain called Roundtop!

A view of the valley from one side

Beautiful mountains


And more sisters!

On the top of the mountain!

Can you spot their church?
That's their house! (The church steeple is on the left-hand side)

These things are hilarious!

We had a fun time on the four-way seesaw :P

The kids - plus baby!

The happy threesome!

How many people can you fit on a teeter-totter?
Sister love

I feel so young!

About an hour and a half from Mark and Grace's is Lamplighter Publishing!
It is on the way to the Barn!

On the left was the discount section!!

Book pages
The covers for some books
Some of the books are printed here

This is amazing!

They bought a church in exchange for boatloads of Lamplighter books!

They gutted an organ and turned it into a recording studio!
A favorite!

I love it here!
Ooo! All in one volume now!

Reading new books in the hallway
In the bookstore

Waiting for Mom to check out :/

A neat sign that we saw as we were driving to the Lamplighter company-
Mt. Morris is the birthplace of the writer of the Pledge of Allegiance, Francis Bellamy!

Stay tuned for our first week at the Barn! Hopefully I'll get it together this week!

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  1. It looks like you all had a lovely time! What a beautiful area Mark and Grace live in.