Saturday, November 26, 2016

Barn Trip 2016 #2 - Our last week

On the way back to the Barn from the Leary's, we passed the Shack and saw 
Grandma and Grandpa B's car! We surprised them!

Sammy tried on Buk's glasses :)

The water was super calm and clear!

Mark and Grace brought their little tent and slept in it!

Here are a few pictures from the kids at home:

The morning after the kids got back to the Barn, 
we went out to Boone and Crockett's! (formerly the Four C's)

Out on the breakwater!

Mark and Grace came too!

The boys cut down 2 of Cousin Paul and Bonnie's old trees :(

This is a piece of history...

The spectators


King of the tree cutting operation

It was a neighborhood event

And on to the second tree...

We were able to help with some projects

We all fit at one table!!

A quick group picture before Mark and Grace left :(

More stump work the next day

Cousins Brian and Kathy had a delicious corn roast!

The threesome :)

The amazing buttering process! Water and melted butter!

After the corn roast we had a concert at the Barn

Birthday pals!

A new game!

There are many steps to this process...

Our last sunset - I'll never get tired of it!

Getting ready to leave :(

A final recap! 
That is our last post of Barn trips for 2016!
We are grateful to the Lord for His provision
of this wonderful place we love!!

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