Friday, November 11, 2016

Barn Trip 2016 #2 - We arrived at the Barn!

We arrived at the Barn safely!

Made it for the beautiful sunset!

Cousins Paul and Bonnie on their paddleboards

Jet skiing/swimming with cousins!

Kayaking with Dad

Making breakfast for the bunch

Mark and Grace surprised us by coming a day earlier than we expected!

Chasing Mark in the water
Julia's favorite thing was to have Mark throw her in the water :D

Cousin Paul and Bonnie let us use their kiddy kayaks!

Three on a jet ski!

Mom and Dad went on a much less eventful jet ski drive this year as opposed to last year :P
I wish I could look at this every day!

Sister love...

The pregnant mommy <3

Melody made Challah bread with Aunt Sharon!
Challah bread French toast!

Aunt Sharon has so many hummingbirds!

Lydia's camera caught this picture!

On a kayaking trip to the Crick!

The stowaway

Next up: friends at the Barn! 

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