Monday, November 28, 2016

September Recap

September wasn't too busy after the Barn...

Caleb and Caleb - great friends since they were babies!
The boys bought a broken quad and took it apart to sell the parts
Coloring with Grandma at a birthday party- she's still young at heart!
Apparently Buk wasn't too interested in the gifts ;)

We had the privilege of attending the Student Statesmanship Institute 
annual banquet on the 30th!

Caleb and Lydia, along with 8 other students, received the 
John Quincy Adams award for completing the Ambassador League!

The Ambassador League award has been described as a 
political version of the Eagle Scout award.
Participants have 37 assignments to complete such as job shadowing,
volunteer work, book reports, and Biblical word studies.

If students finish all of the assignments, they receive the John Quincy Adams award!

Jonathan, Grace, Melody, Joseph, and Anna have all completed the Ambassador League as well.

Caleb and his mentor, Mr. Stender

Lydia and her mentor, Mrs. Spix

These two did a lot together!

Mr. Wingrove with Isaac and Jon

Caleb, Kristin, and Lydia

The ever-helpful Aimee!

Both glad he finished!

Caleb and Lydia with Mr. Muffett

A great SSI friend, Mr. Kummer

We were all excited for Caleb and Lydia!
Their hard work paid off!

Next up - an amazing trip to Kentucky!

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  1. Enjoy reading your blog. Congratulations to all the Bible Bee winners!