Thursday, December 29, 2016

November wrap-up

November was a typical unusual month! :D

Watching the game on the big screen :)
Those of us who went to PA only watched part of it though ;)

Siding looks great at Aunt Alice's!

Our beautiful Capitol

Checking out the stuffed animals at Kroger :D

We went to a wedding at our church

Anna with newborn Penelope <3

Julia, Katerina, and Rebecca

Anna and Sadie

The bride and groom!

One of the groomsmen and his wife

Setting up the tree at Grandma and Grandpa B's!

At the annual Vinsetta walk-through party!

The tree at the Capitol

Dad cleaned the boiler

Christmas packages ;)

Jon's snowmobiling outfit!

We went to a play at First Baptist of Lapeer - there were 
several people that we knew in it!

Back at the ranch...

Yet another use for the bobcat :)

The first chance for snowmobiling!

Gotta' love that snow!
That is it for November! See ya' soon!

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