Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A wedding of dear friends!

Some of you may know the Palazzolo family - we have been friends for nearly 20 years! 
Their oldest son Joshua got married December 30 to a wonderful young lady,
Kimberly Mueller, whom we know from Sforzando String Camp.

Catching up

The beautiful auditorium

This fine fellow!

Mr. and Mrs. Palazzolo

David and Lisa

David and Olivia

Jared and Becca

Matthew and HollyBeth

The ring-bearer :D

And the pretty flower girls too ;)

She's coming!

Mr. Mueller and Kimberly

I do <3

Worth waiting for!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Palazzolo!!

Here they are!

Audrey and Lydia

A gaggle of girls

Julianne with Lydia

Bethany, Anna, and Lydia

Lisa and Lydia

Adelina, Melody, and Lydia (notice the Lydia theme!)

A thorn between two roses?? Nah :)
Great friends!

And they're off!

It was a lovely wedding! We thank God for this new Christian family!

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