Thursday, January 12, 2017

December in review

Although December was EXTREMELY busy, we only have a part of it on camera ;)

Dad was getting ready for a job interview and each of us took a turn to help!

Pretty chilly out there!

The Winter Rose dress rehearsal 

We had a birthday party for Lydia at Grandma and Grandpa B's house

These notes are really neat - they have Lydia's name on them!

Josiah, Uncle Gordon, and Danielle after the Cantata

Getting roof panels for the barn ready for painting

We had the opportunity to go to a friend's house 
and help him set up a Christmas tree!

This tree was all taken apart and twisted like crazy! 


Almost :D
...and after!

All of us with Mr. Mike!

Making Christmas cookies

Thompson Tech Support is at it again...

Look what Joe's cookin' up for dinner....

We had our friends, the Alessios, over for snowmobiling!

The loaded Christmas tree :)

Drying the paint on the panels - in the basement!

There was a yogurt sale at Kroger, so........

Stay tuned for our family Christmas!

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