Thursday, January 26, 2017

Our 3-day Christmas - Part 2

On Monday, we had our family Christmas at home!

The full tree

"How did you know?!?!?"

I love this!

I've always wanted dried cherries!

Rebecca's gift to the boys

Great photobomb Jon :D

Dot-to-dot thanks to ThredUp

Uh-oh, the phones are out...

She was flabbergasted! Jubilate Deo!

Starting on the first book...

We are good at making a mess :D

Lydia and I made this blanket secretly for the girls!

Dad wrote a special note to Mom

Their gift was hidden under the bed!

Caleb's gift to the family ;) We went nuts!

Some of us girls got the game Clue for the fam

Looking for clues...outside?

Whatcha' won't do for a good pic...

Poor Grace :D:D:D:D

Some of us were excited :)

We hope that y'all had a blessed CHRISTmas and New Years'!

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