Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Our trip to Mark and Grace's to see Sierra!!

The night of the Palazzolo wedding, Mark texted and said that Grace's water broke!
The kids that were at the wedding headed home as soon as they could, and got home around 3 a.m.
We hurried to get packed the next morning, and the whole family left around 11. Just before we left, Mark told us that "Baby Cox" had arrived at 9:36 a.m.! We were super hyped to leave then :D
We told him not to let us know if it was a boy or a girl!!
After 8 hours of driving and a stop or two, we got to Mark and Grace's house around 8 p.m.
We all closed our eyes and held on to each other as Mark led us into their room. Once we opened our eyes, the baby lying in Grace's arms was wearing a pink dress! It was a girl!

Sierra Jane Cox
December 31, 2016
7 lbs. 12 oz, 21 inches long

The  new mama!

It seems like yesterday this was Grace...

What a blessing to have a granddaughter!

"My little girl and her little girl!"

Precious times! 

Mark and his baby girl!!

She looks like she's cross-eyed in this picture, but she's not :)
It's the lighting ;)

We had a "Christmas celebration" the next day...

"Does anyone have a camera?!"

At Grace's shower in November

Sierra, Mommy and her aunts 

There was a boy letter waiting in the wings :)

The 4 oldest girls
We Face Timed with Grandma and Grandpa B
when the guys headed home
so that they could see their new great-grandbaby!

"I think I like this new world!"

A little gift under the tree!

She didn't like it very much :D

It's ok!

Peaceful in Mommy's arms

Three generations...

I love my mama!

It's a girl!!

We are so grateful to the Lord for the blessing of sweet Sierra!