Tuesday, March 28, 2017

January/February work and fun

Not too much has been going on these wintery warm months, 
so I thought I would give a review of January and February in one post again :D

We worked on a couple of projects - not the least of which
was an addition on the barn!

Mostly finished!

Putting in a new backsplash

The boys traveled all the way to TN for the green quad!

Reorganizing room A

Melody wanted to learn how to change her oil!

Working on the engine of Joseph's new truck

Getting the sleds ready for the boys' trip

Trying to fix our old crockpot :D

We had a Wild Tea Party with Grandma M. again this year;
as always, we have more pictures of the food than of the people!

Compliments of Mary, Julia, and Rebecca ;)

Grandma's famous turtles on the bottom...

Ahh.....THIS CAKE!!! Basically death by chocolate :D

We had a wonderful time!

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