Tuesday, August 29, 2017

SC+ trip

After a lot of scheduling and hard work, Mom + all of the girls went down to South Carolina
in the middle of June!

This was at a rest stop - sometimes they feel like that!
Our first visit was with the Robe family from SSI in OH

What happens when you bring an extra 5 cellos for a friend of yours!

Math buddies!

Crazy Dutch Blitz games!! 

Shortest to tallest??

After our visit, we heard strange noises from one of the tires, and stopped
at a gas station. Four lug nuts were loose to the touch! This kind (strong) man
helped us by tightening them.

We arrived safely to be with the Hollidays!

And then went to John and Allison Cox's wedding...

Big girl!

She loved to feel your finger on her new tooth!

The reception was in a barn :)

The bride and groom :-)

Here they are!

Long day for babykins!

I love you, Grandma Cookie!

Fellow grandmas!

They had a great getaway oldie!

Back at the ranch, we enjoyed times of visiting...

So much to learn from this dear man...

Lovely times with the Drapinskis

The gals

More to come!

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