Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sforzando String Camp 2017

We had another great year at Sforzando String Camp!

Starting out the first day of camp

Naomi and Mary

Julia's dear friend, Patience

Chamber Basics

A musical trivia game :D

"It's Mary!"

The presidential debate

"I don't think so, Dr. Bob."

The gallery

Photobombing 101

The Press asking questions to the running mates

The vice-presidential debate

Somebody loves to smile for the camera :)

Candie and Julia

Our fearless leader

The faculty recital was so fun to watch!

A beautiful vocal solo by Emily

The shortest and tallest faculty members :)

JW giving a great performance

It was great meeting you, Bella!

The annual OCMS String Camp shirt day!

The wonderful theory, improv, and choir teacher, Emily C.

Fun with the Mellas kids!

It was awesome to have Melody on staff this year!

That look......
Having fun at the parents' table

We had quite the group ;) 

Melody played bass this year

Besties :)

Mrs. Muzzi's fun theory class

It was great to see HB during the week!

Mary's sextet did a wonderful job at the chamber concert

The "harp" quartet

Someone enjoyed the concert :)

A wonderful staff member, Moriah C.

The Beginner orchestra

Having too much fun in the back row :)

The Intermediate orchestra

Our new conductor for the Advanced orchestra, Mr. Lewis Rosove

The same Advanced cello section as last year :)


The wonderful Centira - she worked so hard to make this week possible!

Cute Mercedes :)

Goodbyes are hard for the two Julias...

Miss y'all!