Thursday, March 29, 2018

Barn 2017 - the second week

Several of the older kids + Dad had to head home for a couple of days, so Mom, Lydia, Mary, Julia and Rebecca hung out at the Barn for a couple of days.

Perfect puzzle time!

Aunt Sharon took us out for breakfast on Mom's birthday :D

Another amazing puzzle

We visited the Corning Museum of Glass, 
which just so happened to be close to Mark and Grace.

Watching a glass vase being made

These are all Corning Ware pans


This man made a glass eyeball

A genuine Tiffany stained-glass window

A glass replica of the Liberty Bell

Watching a glass-breaking session

I'm not so sure...

Out on a walk

Sierra's getting good at taking selfies :D

Gorgeous scenery among the mountains

Back at the Barn...

Stormy sunset

Love Aunt Sharon's sign ;)

The whole crew came back for our last weekend at the Barn

Dad's work spot

Go Tigers!!

The guys took on themselves the job of cleaning the septic of roots

This may be a record...

We watched the Bontrager/Bowers double wedding 


Another evening of jet-skiing
Our cousin Esther came up with us

Stunning sunrise

The boys got up at 7, along with Esther, to ride down to the 4 C's

Early breakfast at the marina

Joe was cold :D

Friends from the church we attend up there came over for a fun afternoon

We had our annual camp-wide concert that evening

The 3 birthday folk

Backseat troublemakers

Yes, it landed on his face :P

Cousin Dave giving expert tips

Gorgeous last sunset

Taking the cousins for a ride (on land :D)

Last search for lake glass

Getting the vans packed :(

"Parting stinketh!"

Goodbye! See you next year!

Fun-filled days!

On the way to a Labor Day party!

We had a lovely get-together with the Alessios, Hayses, and other friends

It also happened to be Jon's birthday!

Meredith loved Esther's sunglasses :)

The 2 Esthers

Meredith and "Blue Esther"

The 2 Lydias
And thus concludes the chronicling of our Barn adventure for 2017