Thursday, July 5, 2018

The first half of 2018 in review

I'm very sorry for the long delay in getting blog posts up... 
...because of that, here is the first half of 2018 in one post!!

The gorgeous crabapple blossoms in our front yard!

Enjoying time with friends and family!

In March, the Craig family visited us!

We had a blast!



Great times with the Mittons!

We played a concert at 20 Front Street in March with Ann Strubler.

Goofy people ;)

Melody & Lydia enjoyed their trip to PA

Smiles ;)


Now + Then/grandaughter + daughter

The girls at Bethany Christian School's Jr./Sr. Banquet

And another trip to PA tied in with stops at friends' houses/the Barn!

Funny folks...

Some adorable pictures of baby Mac, born on Flag Day :)

Birthdays and Anniversaries are big things around here!
More fun with friends and relatives

Quick stop at a lighthouse on one of our various trips

Got to see Matt O., Alfred and Beverly T., and Hannah D.,
longtime friends of ours! And the last pic - zoom in and watch out!

Music plays (lol!) a big role in our life!

These are the "leftover" pictures!
The top picture is the son of the folks who built our house!

Let's hope the next six months are not as much as a whirlwind as the first six!

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  1. You sure packed a lot of fun into half a year!! Including lots of ice cream!!