Friday, September 28, 2018

Sforzando String Camp 2018 - Post 1

Welcome to Post 1 of our week-long adventure at Sforzando!

Twinkle, directed by Miss York:

Playing "Pass the Cup" is intense ;)

Level up to...Beginner:


Thank you, Mr. Probus!

Mrs. Muzzi teaching us

On to Advanced:

Mr. Rosove was an amazing conductor!

The threesome

Our fearless director :)

Welcome to the world of Theory 1 - where everyone has fun...

...with Mrs. Muzzi

Theory 2 - you've gotta work to win (candy)

Mrs. Custer teaching theory

Theory 3 - where we use Oreos for triads...

Thank you, Emily!

Theory 4 - where everyone has to hoard 
(knowledge of theory, to get into this class ;) )

Dr. Custer did a great job with this class!


Who's this funny teacher?!?!?

Buk and Grace were a great team of 3rd Violinists ;)

I'm trying NOT to break the unspoken 50 picture limit...
(Count them if you'd like ;) )

Stay tuned for post 2!