Here are some of our family's favorite places
on the World Wide Web:

Mieczkowski Family - our official CD website!

Memverse - an excellent tool for memorizing and reviewing Bible verse online - Our church's website

The National Bible Bee - A great Scripture-centered contest we participate in

OCMS String Camp - a wonderful music camp in Metro Detroit we are a part of

Joseph Alessio Design - A good friend's graphic design website - check it out!

Sforzando String Camp - a great music camp in Chicago, IL that we have attended the last few years

Elizabeth Calvino - a friend of ours who is a graphic designer

The Student Statesmanship Institute - A Christian political leadership camp we attend

WholesomeWear - modest bathing suits

International Music Score Library Project - FREE public domain music

Workflowy - organize your lists!

Eagle Stealth Team Productions - a good friend's video editing website

Beyond the Mask - A colonial-era Christian film we were extras in!

Our Vimeo & YouTube channels

CollegePlus! - College mentoring program that Jon is enrolled in